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This site contains the latest versions of class material for SCC Japanese-1100 and Japanese-1105 classes.
NOTE:  The Japanese 1105 Page is currently under development and will be available by January 2013.
All documents are in Microsoft Word 2003 format (.doc) or Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 format (.ppt).
Japanese-1100 and Japanese-1105 materials are on separate pages.

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Last updated on: 24 August 2012. Document dates are latest versions.

Japanese 1100 Material

Japanese 1105 Material - Available by January 2013.

My Background

Link to On-line Japanese Dictionary Demonstrated in Class

Link to Language Exchange Web site

Tae Kimís On-line Japanese Guide

Anki Flashcard Application

Japanese Input on Computer

iPod Touch or iPhone applications: Kotoba! JPhrases