Sinclair Community College 2005-2009


Capstone Workbook Exercises

Include in your capstone portfolio one completed exercise from each of the required areas to demonstrate your mastery of the content learned in COM-206 Interpersonal Communication.

Definition of Communication

Long Distance Assistance

Functions of Interpersonal

Friends for Life


What A Day!


Too Much Noise


Mubarekís Search

So Many to Choose From

The Engineer, She

Actions Speak Louder

Mom and Dad, This is Alex


When Iím A Doctor

Can John Adapt

One Step Forward

Which Job Is For Me?

Supportive Climate

In the Safe Zone

How Should I Help Her?

I Need to Ask A Few Questions

Collaboration or Competition?


Everybodyís Talkiní At Me!

So Whatís the Difference?

As An Engineer, I Do These Things

This Is NOT Groovy

Nonverbal Communication

This Is Our Design Area

Can You See Me Calling You?

Itís All In How You Say It

You Canít Mean Me


Is Anybody In There?

Pay Attention

Mrs. Patient Is In Room 131

Look, Man, It's Just a Chair

Let Me Get This Straight


A Window to Your World

Disclosure Disaster

How Can I Tell Them?

Let Me Tell You Something

Iíd Love to, But You See


Looking For Mr. Right

My Vendor Is Better Than Your Vendor

Open Wide And Say, Ahhh

Social Power

Perceptions Of Power


Conflict and Confusion

Who is Right?

I Just Donít Get It!

Life Can Be A Train Wreck

Wait A Minute Here

Cost Vs Safety

Families and Loved Ones

Grading Rubric

Rubric for grading exercises