Dr. Derek A. Petrey, Associate Professor in Spanish, Coordinator of Modern Languages, Honors Program Director, Sinclair Community College


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Class materials

       Information on the independent study activities. (updated for Summer Quarter)

       Link to Eduspace.

       Upcoming cultural events (not updated).

       Information on the cultural presentation for students of Steven Bice.

        Class notes (still under revision) for SPA 101, SPA 102, SPA 103, SPA 161/297.

Links of interest:  

Spanish at your fingertips:

        Learn vocabulary using a flashcard program.

        Read original short stories in Spanish, including some tailored just for students!

        Look at cartoons in Spanish by Argentine cartoonist Quino, internationally famous for Mafalda and his social commentary.

        Listen to Latin music at Batanga

        Read cultural essays on Hispanics in America!

        Look at Latin American skylines at www.skyscrapercity.com

        Watch TV in Spanish at Canal 13 (Chile)

        Explore becoming a language teacher

o   Program at Wright State

o   Program at UD

        Take a trip here are some study abroad programs that some of my students have recommended:

o   www.casarosario.com

o   www.artemaya.com 

 Blogs in Spanish:

A weB LOG is something like an online diary that people use to publish their thoughts online.  Why do people do this?  Are they driven by some uncanny need to make their daily life and inner thoughts open to the whole world?  Who knows?  I do find some of them quite entertaining, though.  Here are some in Spanish that I especially like:

        Nena Genia (Genius Girl), an Argentine living in Ibiza.

        Principio de Incertidumbre (Uncertainty Principle). Argentine blogspot with poetry, essays, humorous insights.

        Diario de un Ocioso (Diary of a Lazy Guy), a Spaniard with an intense devotion to leisure.

        Las Noches de Sherezade (Scheherezade's [Arabian] Nights), a surrealistic page dedicated to the heroine of the Arabian Nights stories.

News in Spanish:

        here is a website, LANIC, which has links to Latin American newspapers.

        here is another such site, at vilches.com, for Latin America

        you can find some newspapers from Spain on this vilches.com page

        Terra, a Spanish web portal run by Lycos

        Yupi, a Spanish web portal run by Microsoft

        Latin America in Cyberspace, a wonderful index run by the

        Center for Latin American Studies at The Ohio State University

Study aids, learning materials


       How do you learn?  Find out what learning type you are by taking this quiz.

       Free online web exercises at Study Spanish

      Online exercises from Heinle & Heinle

      "Leave Me alone! Can't You See I'm Trying to Learn Your Language?": a most excellent article about learning languages by Greg Thomson

      Online Quia exercises for Spanish 


For Spanish 101:

          Vocabulary reviews:

                  Prelim. Chapter Review (Ante todo)

                  Chapter 1 Review

                  Chapter 2 Review

                  Chapter 3 Review

                  Chapter 4 Review

                  Chapter 5 Review

          Grammar reviews:

                  Verbs from chapters 1-7, present tense

                  Stem-changing verbs review  

*** WARNING - the instructor who did this webpage made a mistake.

    *** divertirse is a e to ie stemchanging verb.  Bad instructor.  Thanks to Richard Johnson for pointing this out!

    *** divertirse actually changes to i in the preterite not the present; the instructor merely confused tenses.

          Present tense of divertirse:

yo me divierto

nosotros nos divertimos

t te diviertes

vosotros os diverts

l / ella / Ud. se divierte

ellos / ellas / Uds. se divierten

          Preterit of divertirse: (you will see this in 102)

yo me divert

nosotros nos divertimos

t te divertiste

vosotros os divertisteis

l / ella / Ud. se divirti

ellos / ellas / Uds. se divirtieron


For Spanish 102:

          Vocabulary reviews:

                  Chapter 6 Review 

                  Chapter 7 Review 

                  Chapter 8 Review (two exercises: holidays and emotions)

                  Chapter 9 Review

                  Chapter 10 Review

                  Chapter 11 Review

          Grammar reviews:

                  http://www.quia.com/jg/312903.html - Direct Objects

                  http://www.quia.com/cm/1687.html  - Direct Objects

                  http://www.quia.com/tq/333344.html  -Direct & Indirect Objects

                  http://www.quia.com/hm/99175.html - hangman with IOs

                  http://www.quia.com/cz/10335.html - IOs

                  http://www.quia.com/rr/53365.html - Millionaire with IOs

                  por o para?

  two exercises

          Verb tenses:

                  Formal (Ud.) Commands 

                  Another exercise for Ud. commands - play Hangman

                  Preterit       Irregular Preterits 

                  Jeopardy with preterit, IO, and DO 

For Spanish 103:

                  Chapter 13

                  Chapter 14

                  Chapter 15

                  Chapter 16


(A grammar review sheet that covers most of the verbs we will see in 103)

                  Informal commands

                  the DEDO handout for the subjunctive


 Earlier syllabi:

              Spanish 102         (Calendar)

              Spanish 102H      (Calendar)

              Spanish 103         (Calendar)

              Spanish for Law Enforcement (297)

              Spanish for Social Work (297)


Personal & contact information

          Name: Derek Petrey

          Department: Humanities, Government, and Modern Languages

          Office: Room 3232-B

          Office Phone: (937)-(512)-2092


          Degrees: Ph.D. Ohio State University: Department of Spanish & Portuguese

                             Areas of specialization: Modern Latin America, Luso-Brazilian Studies, and Literary Theory

                     M.A. Ohio State University : Hispanic Literatures & Cultures

                             Areas of study: Modern Latin America and Modern Peninsular Studies

                     B.A.  Wright State University: Department of Modern Languages

                             Languages: Spanish (major) French (minor) Russian (diversification)


          Professional Organizations:

                             AATSP (American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese)

                             ATA (American Translators Association)

                             LASA (Latin American Studies Association)

                             MLA (Modern Language Association)


Other interesting pages

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        Yahoo in Argentina, Mexico, Spain, US (hispanohablante)

          Personality surveys and on-line quizzes

        World's Smallest Political Quiz