EET 1131 Digital Elec.
EET 1150 D.C. Circuits
EET 1155 A.C. Circuits
EET 2259 LabVIEW
EET 2261 Microprocessors
EGR 1101 Engineering Math
EGR 2201 Circuit Analysis
EGR 2261 C++
Virtual NanoFab
Phasor Calculator


Play these Flash games to practice your electronics skills. Each game has a Study mode that reviews the theory, a Practice mode that lets you practice with no time pressure, and a Challenge mode that tests your skill while the clock is running.

Have fun, and learn a lot!

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Equipment Games

    Multimeter Game Multimeter

    Oscilloscope Game Oscilloscope  Italian version (tr. David Cammarota)

Matching Games

    Electrical-Units Matching Game Electrical Units

    Electrical Symbols Matching Game Electrical Symbols

    Metric-Prefix Matching Game Metric Prefix

    Color-Code Matching Game Color Code

    Binary-Decimal Matching Game Binary—Decimal

    Binary-Hex Matching Game Binary—Hex

    TTL 74xx Chip Matching Game TTL 74xx Chip

    TTL 741xx Chip Matching Game TTL 741xx Chip

    Greek-Alphabet Matching Game Greek Alphabet

Identification Games

    Resistor Identification Game Resistor

    Capacitor Identification Game Capacitor

    DIP-Pin Identification Game DIP Pin

    Schematic-Symbol Identification Game Schematic Symbol

Calculation Games

    Engineering-Notation Calculation Game Engineering Notation

    Frequency-Period Calculation Game Frequency-Period

    Ohm's-Law Calculation Game Ohm's Law

    Power-Law Calculation Game Power Law

    Power-Current-Resistance Calculation Game Power-Current-Resistance

    Power-Voltage-Resistance Calculation Game Power-Voltage-Resistance

    Binary-Hexadecimal Calculation Game Binary-Hexadecimal Notation

    Unsigned Binary-Decimal Calculation Game Unsigned Binary-Decimal Notation

    Signed Binary-Decimal Calculation Game Signed Binary-Decimal Notation

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