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Play these Flash games to practice your electronics skills. Each game has a Study mode that reviews the theory, a Practice mode that lets you practice with no time pressure, and a Challenge mode that tests your skill while the clock is running.

Have fun, and learn a lot!

View top scores. (Scores last reset on September 24, 2014.)

Equipment Games

    Oscilloscope Game Oscilloscope  Italian version (tr. David Cammarota)

    Multimeter Game Multimeter

Identification Games

    Resistor Identification Game Resistor

    Capacitor Identification Game Capacitor

    DIP-Pin Identification Game DIP Pin

    Schematic-Symbol Identification Game Schematic Symbol

Matching Games

    Electrical-Units Matching Game Electrical Units

    Electrical Symbols Matching Game Electrical Symbols

    Metric-Prefix Matching Game Metric Prefix

    Color-Code Matching Game Color Code

    Binary-Decimal Matching Game Binary—Decimal

    Binary-Hex Matching Game Binary—Hex

    TTL 74xx Chip Matching Game TTL 74xx Chip

    TTL 741xx Chip Matching Game TTL 741xx Chip

    Greek-Alphabet Matching Game Greek Alphabet

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